69th Republic Day Celebration

Delhi Public School Jorhat celebrated Republic Day on 26 January 2018. The Tricolour was hoisted by the school Principal which was accompanied with singing the National Anthem by all present.
Braving the morning chill the students presented patriotic songs and dances. The students of Grade I dressed up and enacted as ‘ Bharat Ratna’ awardees.
Being inspired by the ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ the students and faculty cleaned a portion of the campus for a Swach Delhi Public School Jorhat.
In her address the school Principal Mrs Anjali Kumar stressed upon the students and faculty to take the true spirit from our National Tricolour and achieve progress through unity. She also urged the students to renew their pledge to honour the constitution by being responsible, ethical, honest and above all proud citizens of India on the auspicious occasion.


Saraswati Puja / Basant Panchami Celebration

On 22 January 2018, Delhi Public School Jorhat celebrated Saraswati Puja to seek the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge. The Puja was followed by Prasad distribution and lunch.
To mark the onset of Basant Panchami, students and adults took part in kite flying in the School Campus.


“One Nation Reading Together”

Read More to Know More # On 24 November, 2017 Delhi Public School Jorhat took part in “One Nation Reading Together” initiative. The initiative was organized by Scholastic India to promote love for reading amongst school children. The whole school took part in the enriching endeavour wherein from the school peon to students and staff sat down and read together for 30 minutes. We look forward to initiating more reading programmes at Delhi Public School Jorhat during the academic session.


Enriching CCA# Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition

An Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition was organised on 24/11/2017 for the students of Grades III and IV with the aim to promote students’ love for English literature. The students recited some of the popular poems of R.L Stevenson, Julie Nicholson, Jack Prelutsky, Paul King, Margaret Sangster etc.
The winners are:
1st Prize:Vasudha Jalan(Kaziranga House)
2nd Prize:Nyshita Roy Chowdhury(Orang House)
3rd Prize:Shreyash Ghosh(Orang House)


Enriching CCA# Inter House Assamese Poem Recitation Competition

To facilitate appropriate expression while reciting Assamese poetry, an Inter House Assamese Poem Recitation Competition was organized on 17/11/2017 for students of grades VI and VII. Smt Nalibala Hazarika, a distinguished poetess of Assamese literature, was invited to judge the competition. The winners are:
1st Position:Alisha Zaman(Orang House)
2nd Position:Anish Borkakoty(Nameri House)
3rd Position:Adrika Hazarika(Kaziranga House) and Anindya Hazarika(Orang House)


Enriching CCA # Whizkids # E Invite Activity

The Students of Grade V learnt to create an E-Invite for birthday parties. Students used Microsoft Word 2013 to create the invitation. Students also used Page Layout options of Word 2013 to add background colors, color borders. They also used the commands of the Insert Tab of Word 2013 to add shapes inside which they wrote messages for the invitation. Students were explained the uses of E-Invites and how they can be sent via Emails and Internet.



An Interclass wall hanging activity was organised in Delhi Public School, Jorhat amongst the students of Grade IV. This activity was done in two groups amongst the students of Grade IV.


Fun CCA#25m Hurdle Race Competition

On 17 November,2017 Intra-Class 25m Hurdles Race was held for the students of grade III. It was a fun competition which helped to check their agility balance and coordination.
Boys Category
1st-Chirag Jaiswal-Orang House
2nd-Kshitiz Baheti-Manas House
3rd-Neeraj Sharma-Kaziranga House
Girls Category
1st Nyshita Roy Chowdhury-Orang House
2nd –Vanshika Agarwal-Nameri House
3rd-Jashashree Das-Kaziranga House



On 17th November 2017, an Inter-house Hindi Poem Recitation Competition was held for the students of grades I and II. The students enthusiastically participated in the competition. Some of the poems were ‘बादल गीत’ , ‘सीखो’ , ‘मन करता है’ etc. These poems brought out one’s bond with Mother Nature and the myriad ways one can learn from her. It was a pleasure to watch the students learn and recite the poems with keen interest. The winners of the competition were
1st-Aarna Ranjan,Bastav Boibhav Das
2nd:Dona Dyuti Saikia
3rd:Ananya Borah,Bismita Gogoi Saikia,Bornil B Gogoi,Lyon Doley,Riyan Dutta.


Fun Activity # Picking the Coloured Ball Competition

On 17 November,2017 Intra Class Picking the Coloured Ball Competition was held for the students of KG I & KG II.The competition was to run and pick as many coloured balls and to collect them in one’s basket within a span of time.
1st Ansh Das
2nd-Ayan Borah
3rd-Sanvi Singh
1st-Mehul Jain
2nd-Bhumika Kashyap
3rd-Harshita Tamuli


Children’s Day Celebration 2017 #Release of ‘Prayas’

An Assamese manuscript penned by students’ of Delhi Public School Jorhat, was released on Children’s Day. The manuscript incorporates their creativity in all genres of literature viz poetry, biography, puzzles, jokes, quiz, Bihu Geet, write-ups, stories, etc.


Children’s Day Celebration 2017# Children’s Day Out

Delhi Public School Jorhat students of KG I, KG II and Grade I, went out for a class picnic to Gandhi Park on the occasion of Children’s Day.
Students of Grade II to VII went for a class picnic to Shanti Ashram on the occasion of Children’s day.


Children’s Day Celebration 2017 #Outreach Programme

“Shared joy is doubled joy.’ Swedish Proverb
Championing the ethos of ‘Service Before Self’, students of Delhi Public School stepped beyond the narrow confines of ‘I’ to connect compassionately with the inmates of School of Blind and School of Hearing Impaired at Jorhat.
Each Dipsite voluntarily contributed a humble amount which was helpful for procuring essential goods for the students of the two Schools.
Dipsites distributed the items to the students, in the two special schools, played games, sang songs to share joy and commemorate Children’s Day in their own special ways.


CCA Activities # Speakaboo Presentation

‘All animals deserve a life free from fear and pain’-Maura Cummins
Children of Lower and Upper Kindergarten, Grade I took part in a fun activity to explore facts about wild animals and birds. To add authenticity to their presentation they dressed up like character on which they spoke, presented facts, sang rhymes and raised slogans to preserve the wild animals. This activity is mapped to their Environmental Studies syllabus.


Enriching CCA # 10/11/17#Inter House Declamation Competition # Topic: Nuclear Arms Race and its Effect on Economy.

To mark the World Science Day for Peace and Development, students of grades VI and VII competed with each other on the topic ‘Nuclear Arms Race and its Effect on Economy’. They did research and presented their thoughts. The activity was truly enriching as they were exposed to the nuances of declamation for the first time.
The winners are:
1st Position:Suryansh Ranjan(Kaziranga House)
2nd Position:Alisha Zaman(Orang House)
3rd Position:Kaimoyak Kundal Hazarika(Nameri House)


CCA Activities # E Poster Making Activity, Grade II and Grade III

The following CCA activity was held in the Computer Lab on 10/11/2017 for the students of Grade II and Grade III:
1. E Poster making Activity for Grade II
Topic: “Save Trees”
Software Used: Microsoft Paint

The Students of Grade II were given the topic “Save Trees”. Students used Microsoft Paint to create the poster. Various tools of the Home Tab in Microsoft Paint were used.

2. E Poster making activity for Grade III
Topic: “Save Water”
Software Used: Microsoft Paint

The Students of Grade III were given the topic “Save Water”. Students used Microsoft Paint to create the poster. Various tools of the Home Tab in Microsoft Paint were used.



“NCC teaches the way of life.”
On 8 November, 2017 a NCC motivational session was held at DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL JORHAT for the students of grade VI & VII to get a glimpse into the world of drones, aeroplanes and space exploration technologies. The students learnt the various technical concepts behind aeromodelling which they can apply to build their own working projects. They got to know about the different parts of an aircraft and the way each part functions to run the aircraft smoothly. Students also used the digital console as a flying simulation which was provided by the Aeromodelling instructor.
Before introduction of aeromodelling programme , NCC motivational session was conducted by JWO D K Singh for the students where they learnt why NCC proves to be the largest uniformed youth organization in the world. The students were made aware of the strong points of becoming an NCC cadet-
• The role as good citizens of the country.
• The importance of unity and camaraderie i.e. how to take care of your friends even when you are in difficult situation.
• The role of NCC in physical fitness and mental robustness.
• Inculcation of discipline, feeling of nationalism by participating in NCC.


CCA Activity# Halloween Celebration

Students of KG I, KG II & Grade I celebrated the spirit of Halloween. They dressed up in spooky attires and spokes scary sentences with gestures. The characters ranged from ghosts, black cats, witches, vampires, zombies and girl bunny, jadugars. Children enjoyed the costume drama immensely.
The winners are:
1st-Pragyan Deep Borah
2nd-Ansh Das
3rd-Divyanshu Kashyap
1ST-Tanishka Das
2nd-Bhumika Kashyap
3rd-Rakshit Agarwal
1st-Shaurya Poddar
2nd-Aarna Ranjan
3rd-Dona Dyuti Saikia


CCA Activity# Inter House Hindi Extempore competition

Students of Grade II, III & IV took part in Inter House Hindi Extempore Competition. The topics ranged from their day to day life. They picked up chits and spoke for 2 mins on the spot.
The winners are:
1st-Mohit Malodia(Nameri)
2nd-Vasudha Jalan(Kaziranga)
3rd-Nyshita Chowdhury(Orang)


CCA Activity # Inter House Sloka Recitation

An Inter House Sloka Recitation Competition for students of Grades V,VI, VII was held on 3 November 2017 .The theme was significant of knowledge in human life. Students’ rendition was beautiful.
The winners are:
1st-Sraisty Malodia (Manas)
2nd-Vidhi Baheti(Kaziranga)
3rd-Sayam Jain(Kaziranga),Suryansh Ranjan(Kaziranga),Himasish Kakoty(Kaziranga),Shirish Baheti(Orang).


CCA Activity # No Tobacco Day Celebration

November 1 marks The World Tobacco Day. Students of Grade III presented the assembly highlighting the ill effects of consuming Tobacco product viz cigarettes, bidis, hookah, pan masala, zarda etc. They spoke about lung and oral cancer and the morbidity it creates in society.


Interaction with Mr NK Sharma, Wing Commander, NCC Air Force Wing

Mr N.K SHARMA, Wing Commander NCC Air Force Wing visited the School during morning assembly on 30/10/17.His presence amongst us was inspiring .


CCA Activity# Kindergarten Basketball Shooting Competition

To promote gross motor skills as well hand and eye co ordination.Basketball Shooting Competition was organized for the Kindergarten students on 27/10/17. The kids regaled themselves playing ring & shooting the ball into the basket.
Prize Winners:
1st-Archan Bandan Saikia
2nd-Sanskriti Hazarika
3rd-Gyanmoy Kalita
1ST-Bhumika Kashyap
2nd-Tanishka Das
3rd-Parangath Dutta


CCA Activity# Punching the Pad Competition # Grades I, II

Prize winners
1ST-Abhilash gogoi
2nd-Prandip Saikia
3rd-Kabyagyan Kashyap


CCA Activity #Inter House Table Tennis Competition#Grades III, IV, V

Prize winners
1st-Sayam Jain(Kaziranga House)
2nd Kshitiz Baheti(Manas House)
1ST –Harsita Dahiya
2nd-Nazneen Tanisha Zaman


CCA Activity #Chess Competition

A knock out Round of chess competition was held on 27/11/17 amongst students of grades VI and VII.


Grandparents' & Grandfriends' Day Celebration

On the 14 October 2017, Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day was celebrated in Delhi Public School Jorhat. Amidst the vibrant ambience of love, the program took off with a prayer sung by the teachers invoking blessings of the Lord to take care of the Grandparents. Children sang songs in different languages expressing their love for Grandparents. Instrumental melodies were played, after which Taekwondo and Yoga demonstrations were presented by the students. Graceful dance performance on Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s song was also presented to highlight the drain of morality from the society. The Principal, Mrs. Anjali Kumar thanked the grandparents for their enthusiastic participation in their grandchildrens’ affairs at School and the grandchildren presented decorated ‘diyas’ to their grandparents for keepsake for Deepawali. The Grandparents were overwhelmed by the experiences and thanked the School profusely for the endeavour. Following the event, the students spent time with their grandparents performing craft activities and playing different games.


Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition

To facilitate appropriate expression while reciting English poetry, an Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition was organised on 14/10/17 for students of grades V to VII
The Winners are:
1st Position: Alisha Zaman (Orang House)
2nd Position: Vidhi Baheti (Kaziranga House)
3rd Position: Suryansh Ranjan (Kaziranga House)
Consolation Prize: Jia Kaur (Orang House)



In our endeavor to integrate meaningful activities in School curriculum, “Book Safari” was hosted from 22 – 25th September 2017, which comprised of the following competitions.
With an aim to kindle the spirit of reading among the children, Intra class Book Character Parade Competition was observed on 22nd September ’17 for KG 1, KG 2 and Grade 1. Students dressed up as their favourite characters from story books and spoke a few lines holding the story book.
Inter House Book Mark Making competition was conducted for the students of Grades II and III. The activity is aimed at educating the children to deal correctly with books right from formative years.
With an aim to help young learners understand the benefit of reading books and portraying their thoughts creatively on paper, an Inter House Book Cover Designing Competition was held for Grades IV and V.
With an aim to help the students identify the central idea of the book followed by an overall evaluation, Inter House Book Review Competition was conducted for the students of Grades VI and VII under the guidance of English facilitators of the School.
The culminating activity of Book Safari was a Book Fair organized by Scholastic India Ltd. at the School premises on 25th October 2017


Inter House Table Tennis Competition

Inter House Table Tennis Competition was conducted on 22nd October 2017 for Grades VI & VII. The winners are
Category: Boys
Winner: Abhinav Hazarika (VI), Nameri House
1st Runners Up: Anish Borkakoty (VII), Nameri House
2nd Runners Up: Anindya Hazarika (VII), Orang House

Category: Girls
Wiinner: Alisa Zaman (VII), Orang House
1st Runners Up: Aastha Naha (VII), Kaziranga House
2nd Runners Up: Adrika Hazarika (VI), Kaziranga House


Teacher's Day Celebration at Delhi Public School Jorhat

Students of Delhi Public School Jorhat paid their hearty tribute to their educators on the maiden Teacher’s Day Celebration 2017-2018 at School.They sang in praise of their educators,prepared fun games and to further entertain and make the day special presented creative dances.The educators in an attempt to lead their students from the front initiated a recycle-reuse project to create a wall mural by recycling used bottle caps to create an awareness drive on environment sustainability as well as to drive in the factor of minimising consumerism by recycling waste products into an objects of art.


Independence Day Celebration Week#Visit to samadhis of Freedom Fighters

Students of Grades VI and VII visited the samadhis of freedom fighters Kushal Kunwar and
Kamala Miri at Jorhat.They paid floral tributes as a mark of respect towards these great men who
sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle of India.The field visit to the samadhis enhanced
their patriotic feelings and pride to be an ‘Indian’.


Independence Day Celebration Week#Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition

Inter House Patriotic Group Song Competition was held for the students of Grades II-V to
culminate the week long 71 st Independence Day Celebrations at school.The students of Manas
House sang –Saare Jahan Se Accha……Nameri House students sang-Kadam Kadam Badaye
Ja…….Kaziranga House students sang-Ae Watan,Ae Watan……and Orang House students
sang-Dil Diya Hai Jan bhi denge……The environment in the school was highly surcharged with
patriotic favour which inspired the House Mistresses,the CCA faculty members and the School
Principal to sing Ae Watan,Ae Watan Humko Teri Kasam…….
The winner of the Group Patiotic Competition is Kaziranga House followed by Orang
House,Manas House and Nameri House.


71st Independence Day Celebration week, Costume of India event

A Pageant alive by Grade I Students: Students Keeping the fervour of Independence Day
Celebration,Students of grade I dressed up in traditional costumes of India,greeted in vernacular
language of the state they represented,named the attire they wore,spoke about major
festivals,prominent personalities and freedom fighters of the state.The pedagogy at Delhi Public
School Jorhat is activity based, experiential learning in the primary school where students take
part in an appropriate activity related to the subjects they study and learn through fun way.


Pre- Primary celebrates 71st Independence Day held on 16.08.17

Students of K.G-I, K.G-II dressed up as freedom fighters of India and spoke a couple of
sentences on the brave hearts who took part in India’s freedom struggle. The little ones spoke
with pride and confidence and in the process imbibed speaking skills along with getting to know
the freedom fighters. The students had learnt about the national symbols of India, in E.V.S
period and a patriotic song Sare Jahan Se Achcha........ through in the previous week leading to 15th August 2017


Krishna Janmashthami Celebration at Delhi Public School, Jorhat

On the eve of the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashthami, students of
Delhi Public School, Jorhat enacted a dance drama weaving anecdotes from the
life of Krishna. The highlights of the morning assembly were ‘Krishna Bal leela’ and
‘Krishna Leela Vritant’. The Principal, Mrs. Anjali Kumar, extolled the virtue of the
shloka ‘Yada yada hi dharmasya…’ from the Bhagwad Geeta saying that great
men have existed in all ages to uphold virtue over wickedness and protect the
good amongst mankind.
Students of Grade 6 and 7 participated in Pratah Bhajan Mala, an
Interhouse Bhajan competition, where they sang bhajans in the praise of Krishna.



To celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters marked by the auspicious
occasion of Raksha-Bandhan, students of KG I, KG II, Grade I prepared 'rakhis'
made out of recycled materials. The universal concept of love and duty between
siblings was highlighted. Students exchanged rakhis and tied it on wrists of their



To enrich our educational programme at Delhi Public School Jorhat we lay ample emphasis to
train the students minds through their hands. To mark the auspicious occasion of ''Raksha-
Bandhan'',students of Grades VI,VII reused old cardboard boxes, newspapers, decorations cut
from wedding/greeting cards etc to create photo frames for their sisters. The value of dignity of
labour intermingled with the festive mood of love and duty between siblings. Students imbibed
the concept of work- education delightfully through a fun activity.



The tradition of dedicating a day in honour of friends originated in US. Gradually the festival has
gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in a large number of countries
including India. Students of Grades II-V of Delhi Public School Jorhat celebrated the day by
learning to make friendship bands and decorating with reused materials and tying it on wrists
of their classmates as a mark of extending ones friendship to another.



To commemorate International Day of Tiger various activities were performed by students of all
age groups at Delhi Public School Jorhat. The objective of the day long activities was building
the empathetic connection with the national animal of India and its precarious condition of being
on the brink of extinction from the face of the Earth due to greed of mankind.
A special assembly marked students from grades I – VII taking part in it with gutso with their
faces painted in the skin colour of the endangered cat.
Grades, I and II students sang ‘Tiger Boo’ song.


Presentation on " Save the Tiger'

Students from III- VII gave a presentation on significance of tiger for a balanced ecosystem


Tiger Craft Activity (Foam Tiger Puppets ) - Class I

Grade I & II students made foam tiger puppets to mark the day.


KG I & K G II Tiger Craft Activity - Paper Plate Tiger Making

KG I & KG II students did craft activity and made paper- plate tigers



Inter – House Quiz Competition for grades III - V & grades VI –VII was held on the theme ‘Tiger and its Conservation’. The students’ participation was enthusiastic.
Winning House: III- V: Manas House
Rajlakshmi Dutta – V
Nitin Tiwari - III
Kshitij Baheti - III



‘Q- tip Activity’ was conducted on 14 th July 2017 for kids in KG I and KG II. Kids dipped Q-tips into water colours, coloured the images on the A-4 sheet paper. The activity aims to enhance the concentration power of students as well as helps in coordination of eye and fine motor skills.



Using only the primary colours students of Grade I and II explored ‘Blow Painting’ and learnt to control their force on breath while doing the activity. They understand the spontaneity of the technique and directly observed the beauty in this free form of art as patterns evolved in the group activity.



‘Intra- House Hindi Handwriting Competition’ was held for students of Grade III to VII on 14 th July 2017.during CCA period each student was encouraged to present his/her work neatly and legibly. Winners of the competition are –
Grade III – 1 st Prize – Nyshita Roy Choudhry ( Orang House )
1 st Prize- Jashashree Das ( Kaziranga House )
Grade IV – 1 st Prize – Nitin Tiwari ( Manas House)
1 st Prize – Vasudha Jalan (Kaziranga House)
Grade V – 1 st Prize – Angelica Dutta (Orang House)
Grade VI - 1 st Prize – Adrika Hazarika (Kaziranga House)
Grade VII - 1 st Prize – Anindya Hazarika (Kaziranga House)
1 st Prize – Aastha Naha (Kaziranga House)



To beat the heat of summer the kids of KG I and KG II participated in preparing ‘lemonade’ in their respective class rooms. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity. The students were also told that the intake of lemonade was good for their health especially during hot and humid season.



An Inter- House Fruit Salad Decoration Competition’ was held on 7-7- 2017 for the students of grade VI and VII. The main objective behind the competition was to inculcate the healthy food habits. Each House team compromised of two members. Inculcation of maximum number of fruit in a salad along with its presentation made children think on how to present the salad platter nutritionally and aesthetically. The final result of this labour was surely yummy as well as healthy. The participants’ creativity was revealed through beautifully designed platters of mouth watering fruit salads. The winning House was Kaziranga with Adrika Hazarika (Grade VI ) and Vidhi Baheti ( Grade VII) participating together.



A ‘Fruit Cocktail Party’ was organized for Grade I, II and III during their CCA activity periods on 7/7/2017. The main objective of undertaking the activity was to understand the importance of consuming fruit in their daily diet as an intermittent snack and avoid snacking on junk food. The children were made aware about the local names of different fruits. The teachers advised students about the portion of fruit intake on a daily basis.



On the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day students of DPS Jorhat of KG I ,KG II and Grade I participated in making handicrafts out of eco-friendly waste materials. The activity was an attempt to sensitize the little ones about th e significance of the three R’s;reduce,recycle and re-use the resources available to help minimize generation of human waste. At the same time students of Grades II to VII participated in multifarious activities like participation in skits in morning assembly , drawing competition , collage making activity on themes, ‘Water is Precious’, ‘Lets Save Our Forests’ etc. This was a week long effort at school to sensitize the young ones about the importance of keeping the planet green.



On the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’ the students of KG I, KG II and Grade I studying in Delhi Public School Jorhat took part in plantation drive with the objective to connect with nature and commemorate the World Environment Day. The little hands under the guidance of their teachers planted ornamental saplings in pots. This mark their initiation into the attempt of keeping their environment green.



On 26 th May 2017, Grade – I students participated in “Show and Tell Competition”. The theme of the competition was “My Favourite Toy”. All students of grade I participated in the competition with a lot of enthusiasm. They showed and spoke a few lines on their favourite toy and spoke a few lines on it. The aim of conducting the activity was to help students in speaking English in public.



On 26 th May 2017, in CCA activity period the students of Pre-Primary
participated in Dress as You Like on the theme Community Helpers . The main idea of organizing this activity was to develop public speaking skills in students and to make them aware about services provided by community helpers and value their services. The activity also culminated the theme Community Helpers being taught in EVS in Pre - Primary classes.



A Sudoku Puzzle Activity was held among the students of grade II, III, IV and V at our school on 26 th May 2017 in the C.C.A activity period. The children were guided by the teacher who first taught the methodology and then students tried to solve it on their own. The main objective of this puzzle was to make learning for children to be creative and persistent and also to develop problem solving and logical reasoning skills.



On 19 th May 2017 during CCA periods students of Grade VI and VII participated in cartoon sketching activity under the guidance of Art and Craft teacher Mrs. Sangita Kalita. The main objective of learning the activity was to motivate students to work out their imaginations and communicate their thought in a comical way.



Students of grades III and IV were taught the beautiful prayer “Tera mangal,Mera mangal, sabka mangal hoye re…….” on 19 th May 2017during CCA activity periods. The prayer inspires us to wish happiness for everyone around us. The prayer is sung almost every morning during school assembly which surely creates a mystical energy and a feeling of goodness at the start of the day.



On Friday 19 th May 2017 during CCA Periods students of Grade V prepared a wall hanging under the guidance of social studies teacher Ms. Jully Bhuyan. The main objective of arranging the activity was to develop aesthetic sense amongst the young minds as well as to inculcate in them a perspective to view
manual work as meaningful and purposeful in life.



DPS JORHAT held Jodo Gyan Interactive workshop phase I, conducted by Jodo Gyan resource person for maths facilitators on 14th May 2017. The workshop intended to strengthen mathematics teaching amongst maths facilitator by focusing on the mathematics concept and usage of teaching – learning materials in class room. The following were the topics covered in the workshop:-
1. Number, Number sense,Place value
2. Number Operations
3. Geometry- 2 D
4. Fractions
5. Use of stories & contexts
6.Mental maths related games.



On 12th May 2017 the tiny tots of Kindergarten and Grade I hosted their mothers to honour and celebrate the spirit of motherhood, maternal bonds and influence of mothers in society. Their heartwarming performances regaled everyone present there. The mothers participated in variety of hands-on- activities with their children inside and outside the classrooms. Students of grades III and IV celebrated the day by reciting poems in various languages highlighting the significance of mothers in their lives. Students of grades V, VI and VII expressed their affection and gratitude towards their mothers by writing letters and posting them.



An English and Hindi Poem Recitation Competition were held on 12th May 2017 on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Student of Grade III and IV participated with confidence and enthusiasm. The activity was organized to enrich the speaking skills of the students. The theme of the poem was “My Mum” for Grade III and “Meri Pyari Maa” for Grade IV. It was an inter house competition. The winners were
Grade III English Poetry Recitation: Dahwani Sharda
Grade IV Hindi Poetry Recitation: Nitin Tiwari and Shubam Maheswari.



Students of grades V, VI & VII celebrated National Technology Day on 12 May 2017.
Activities were designed to promote awareness in students on use of technology for their well
being and well connected in different sectors of life.
1. Grade V students participated in collage making in MS Power Point on topic
Technological Advancement in Schools.
2. Grade VI students participated in collage making in MS Power Point on the topic-
Technological Advancement in Indian Railways .
3. Grade VII did passage writing in MS Word on the topic–Technological
Advancement in Indian Industries.
Students performed activities under guidance of Mr. Alkesh Barua the school computer
Winner in Collage Making in MS Power Point, Grade V was Ms. Swastika Jaiswal.
Winner in Collage Making in MS Power Point, Grade VI was Master Tanish Das.
Winner in Passage Writing in MS Word, Grade VII was Ms. Alisha Zaman.



KG I and KG II learnt paper folding and sticking as part of CCA activity on 5 May 2017. The objective of the activity was to develop fine motor skills in the students as well as eye and hand coordination. Children made paper boat under the supervision of their Pre Primary class teachers.



Grade I performed Finger Printing activity on 5th May 2017 during CCA activity period. The objective of carrying out the activity was to develop fine motor skills in students as well as eye and hand coordination. Children made a poster using the ‘Finger Printing’ technique under the guidance of their class teacher Ms. Rakhi Kumari.



Intra class English Handwriting Competition was held amongst the students of Grade III to VII on 5th May 2017. Each student was encouraged to present his/her work neatly and legibly. The winners of the competition were
Grade III: Naman Kabra, Grade IV: Vasudha Jallan, Grade V: Swastika Jaiswal, Grade VI: Sraisty Malodia, Grade VII: Vidhi Baheti.


Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition

To facilitate appropriate expression while reciting English poetry, an Inter House English Poem Recitation Competition was organised on 14/10/17 for students of grades V to VII
The Winners are:
1st Position: Alisha Zaman (Orang House)
2nd Position: Vidhi Baheti (Kaziranga House)
3rd Position: Suryansh Ranjan (Kaziranga House)
Consolation Prize: Jia Kaur (Orang House)