Pre-Primary School (KGI, KG II)

Our Early Years Programme will introduce children to a trans disciplinary, thematic and engaging approach towards learning and to foster the early introduction of global mindedness.

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it is concept oriented and not exam–oriented, keeping in mind the overall qualitative development of a child. Our strength lies in maintaining completeness of programmes, each of which evaluate every student and their capabilities, and ensure they grow to their optimum potential. During these ‘Foundation Years’, the interest and aptitude of the tiny tots will be fostered in linguistic and arithmetic basics along with general awareness of the world they live in. This will help in building childhood competencies in them. The young buds and blossoms will be trained to develop their sensorial and muscular skills. The infrastructure and state-of-art facilities provided will give great freedom to children to research, experiment, discover and enrich themselves.

Primary School (Grade I - VII)

The primary school curriculum is designed to develop cognitive, emotional and skill based growth. As children progress from Pre-Primary to Primary School, we will begin to strengthen their aptitude in core studies of English, Second Language, Mathematics and Environmental Science. They will also be introduced to the study of Computers. To facilitate learning by doing their learning experiences will be strengthened by use of Smart Labs activities and ICT. They will participate in physical training and sports to develop agility and fitness. Sports, music, dance, theatre, art and myriad activities are woven into the fabric of school to ensure holistic development of students.

The holistic curriculum is based on the foundation of a clear and easy to follow framework and an assessment for learning programme. It is complemented by an online tracking tool which allows assessments to be recorded, analysed and use to report a child’s skills.

Environmental Awareness Programme

As part of our curriculum, DPS Jorhat offers environment awareness programmes that instill value of safeguarding environment in the students- issues like wildlife conservation, environmental protection, afforestation etc. will be sensitised to the students through participation in outreach programmes as well as commemoration of World Environment Day, Earth Day and other opportunities specially created to prepare the green ambassadors in caring for Mother Earth. An important component of the daily life of the impressionable minds will be the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse so as to sensitize them so as to make the best out of the waste. Our Curriculum