Principal Advisor DPS Jorhat

'Do not confine your children to your own learning for they have been born in another time’. ~ so goes a Hebrew saying’

In a globalised world, where boundaries are fast blurring, how do we give our children an education that is relevant, responsive and responsible? With this thought I started off a genuine quest to give young minds of North East of India an education that prepares them to find their place in a fast changing world. After much deliberation, examining the humane pedagogical processes, the various educational institutes in India and abroad, I was firm it was time for a new wave in education. Thus was born DPS Guwahati in 2002, DPS Khanapara in 2015 and now DPS Jorhat in 2017. DPS Jorhat will provide a cutting-edge education which is the need of the hour. This temple of education is a symbol of new generation schooling which will continuously evolve its teaching-learning process so that at the end of educational tenure our students emerge with high self-esteem, selfrespect and self-confidence. DPS Jorhat will be a school that preserves the best in traditional education and culture while giving children a winning global exposure that fires ambition and abilities to seamlessly fit in a pluralistic world. This is the approach we have for DPS Jorhat. Our community of educators and students from diverse cultures will reaffirm this approach. Childhood is a world of possibilities. I wish to see these possibilities transcend all expectations. Through the fabric of education at DPS Jorhat we expect to lay strong human values in our students so that they grow to be compassionate, sensitive, socially responsible beings and learn to achieve fair conquests thus making the world a better place to live in.