Ivan J F Vas

Principal DPS Jorhat

Dear Parent,

Delhi Public School, Jorhat is an English medium, co-educational school which is set up in a pollution free, lush green campus built with a vision which is forward looking, participative, progressive and meaningful.

We have a great brand, philosophy and a wonderful campus. With a vision “Rise beyond, not in comparison to others but to your fullest capacity” we want our children to grow not as a competition but as a model. Our yardstick of growth is very simple “Try to be better than yesterday”.

Our focus at DPS Jorhat is not just content based education but a journey in to the realm of conceptual creativity.

Nature calls us to acknowledge the Unity in diversity that is all around us. It calls us to, accept it, understand it and assimilate it in to our lives. When we do it, Life becomes beautiful, meaningful and productive. This process is called as “Education”.

Education takes place in three spheres

Educating the Mind: It is the process of academic assimilation.

Educating the Heart: It is the process of emotional growth and social integration.

Educating the Soul: It is the process of spiritual upliftment.

Only and only when we try to address all these three areas of human growth, real education takes place.

We want our children to engage themselves in this search which is ever evolving, forward looking, creative and constructive.

We invite you to be a collaborator in our endeavor.


Ivan J F Vas